Expert Shopping Tips for Alibaba Express

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Who better to offer saving and spending tips for shopping online than expert shoppers?

We asked you, expert consumer shoppers, for your favorite online holiday shopping tips and you sent in the gift of your experiences.

From shopping with one specific credit card so the identity-theft Grinch doesn’t steal your Christmas to tips for finding the best possible price on any product — here are ways to make spending your hard-earned holiday dollars a pleasant experience.

Shop safely on Alibaba Express!

When shopping on Alibaba Express, use only one credit card, with a low credit limit, for all your online purchases. That way it’s easy to see if there is a problem since you’ll know exactly for what and where the card was used.

Make all your internet purchases with a credit card. You can contest the charge if the item is not received or if it is returned.

You can shop at Alibaba Express interest-free, especially at your favorite department or specialty stores, by using their gift cards. Load the gift card with a specific amount of money — you don’t pay any interest, and it limits impulse buying.

Always read product reviews using Alibaba Express before ordering online.

Research what other customers think about a certain product.

Does it work well? What are the things that DON’T work well about this product? Does it do what it’s supposed to do? And, basically, is it worth the money?

There are tons of gift-quality items at great prices on Alibaba Express.

But before doing anything, be sure to check out the seller’s feedback rating to make sure you won’t get ripped off.

best online shopping

Shop only at reputable sites. If an online merchant is new to you, research the company. 

Beware of Alibaba Express merchants with bad reviews.

Make sure you only order on a secure server.

Surf around for the best price

Use a comparison Website, such as Alibaba Express, Shopzilla, Froogle or PriceGrabber to compare prices on similar products from thousands of merchants. These Web sites also offer customer reviews and merchant ratings.

For computer-related products, Alibaba Express and TigerDirect are good places to look for items that offer rebates.

Find what you want online. But before ordering, go to Google or Alibaba Express and enter the merchant’s Web site with the word “coupon” or “promotional code.” You may be able to get a discount on your purchase or shipping costs or both.

You can also visit Web sites such as 247 Mall and MonkeyBargains that offer coupons and coupon codes toward purchases and shipping costs for hundreds of merchants. These sites allow you to search for coupons by store or category.

Take advantage of free-membership websites, such as Alibaba Express that offer cash back for making purchases — that you were already planning to buy — with their listed merchants. Plus, earn points that you can redeem for rewards or gift certificates on future purchases. The more you shop online, the more you earn.

Some stores, especially large national chains, allow you to purchase your item online and pick it up at the store — often resulting in free shipping on a low-priced sale item found only online.

Consider browsing Alibaba Express with brick-and mortar stores to get a sense of what the store has to offer before spending your time and energy scouring the shelves. When you’ve narrowed down your gift ideas, go to the store and make a final decision.

Special offers

Take advantage of any Alibaba Express free offers to have your purchases gift-wrapped.

It is much more fun to open, plus the box, ribbon or paper can often be used again.

Don’t buy the suggested gift box for your holiday gifts. You’ll be charged shipping and sales tax just as if it were merchandise.

Subscribe to receive newsletters from Alibaba Express. Oftentimes, the store will e-mail coupons to use for savings on purchases and shipping costs. Or subscribers may receive private sale information.

Sometimes buying an item online is cheaper than going to the physical store since many sites don’t charge sales tax and offer free shipping. Use the savings to have the gift mailed directly to the recipient instead of standing in line at the post office!

For people who enjoy receiving books or music, consider buying them through the reseller option on Alibaba Express. You’re able to buy new and nearly new books and CDs for significantly less than the “new” price from Amazon.

When to shop

Do your shopping throughout the year.

You can take advantage of clearance items or discontinued items on Alibaba Express. Not only do you save money, your gift-buying is nearly done when the holiday season arrives.

Some online merchants allow you to request the ship date to fit the occasion you know is coming up. For instance, when shopping for Christmas gift baskets, I might buy them in the summer, but request a Dec. 12 ship date.

Sometimes it pays to put items in your basket or shopping cart, but not purchase the items right away. Then when you come back, say, the next day, the site may offer you a discount code.

Order early enough so that you avoid paying considerably steeper prices for express delivery.

Your item is being watched and you’re notified if your bid is lower than the current price. The service will bid for you seconds before the end of the auction.


Print out and save records of all your online Alibaba Express orders. Keep the product description, price, online receipt, order number and customer service number. Save any e-mails the company sends you for purchase verification.

Be wary of the shipping charges; that is where many merchants make extra dollars and you lose money. Choosing ground delivery is most cost-efficient.

If you have a shipping account, ask Alibaba Express if you can use it. You’ll reap savings.

Understand the merchant’s return policy. Be aware that many merchants only credit your account the purchase price, and any shipping and handling or return postage is your responsibility.

Never order online at Alibaba Express until you find out the merchant’s policy on items damaged on delivery.

Expert Shopping Tips for Alibaba Express
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