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KL Alien tracksuits, tight body clothes

KL Alien is the newest and hottest fashion trend for women.

These skin tight KL Alien two pieces are definitely going to turn heads as you walk by on the street or in a club. 

Sexy and seductive, KL’s style accentuates your curves and shows off your body.

Whether you are looking for crop tops, mesh inserts or long sleeves, KL Alien has the right style for you.

What do most people think of when they think of KL Alien outfits? It’s stiletto heels that give the ankle that sexy turn and draw the calf up and out so the eye follows all the way up the seam. 

It’s the KL black silk stockings to the Alien black lace garter (panties, thong or g-string optional) that melts into a black satin bustier with red lace trim. It pulls your waist in just so while letting your bust out. 

Begging someone to come untie it and let you out to play while inhaling your oh-so-sexy perfume and running their fingers through your silky-clean hair.

sexy KL Alien two piece

KL Alien Outfits probably has what you’re looking for.

KL Alien aims to bring you the biggest supply of high quality sexy lingerie outfits, sexy lingerie and sexy corsets are widely available. 

We hope to be able to provide you with the best sexy lingerie and sexy lingerie outfits available from our suppliers. 

Our sexy KL Alien lingerie outfits are supplied by top brands so you can be assured that the sexy lingerie outfits you purchase from us are of a superior quality.

If you are looking to purchase a sexy lingerie outfit as a gift then we offer a guide on our site aimed at men buying a gift for their partner. 

We also offer a gift wrapping service at check out so you can be sure to have a gift which is beautiful from first glance. 

We are also more than happy to offer a return if the KL Alien outfit is of an incorrect size or not to your satisfaction, please check our site for the conditions of return.

You are our valued customers and your orders are predominant to our success so we commit ourselves to providing you with the best service possible. If you feel our KL Alien service was inadequate then please contact us. We aim to have the time you spend browsing and shopping with us to be of perfect enjoyment.

KL Alien track suit on sale

We have 5 general KL Alien body shapes, each of them having a different silhouette with their own different set of fashion and style guidelines that complement their shape.

The 5 silhouettes are: Pear, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle and Apple. And the KL Hourglass, which is considered the ideal body shape because of its balanced proportions.

Understanding your KL Alien body figure is a very important aspect of building your personal style.


Because you need to figure out what proportions of your body you need to adjust to look your best. 

Each body figure has typical characteristics that often make you self-conscious of your body and can lower your self-esteem. (For example, the classic KL Alien body figure tends to hold more weight around the hip area)

On the flip side, there are positives to your shapes as well – and these are the body traits that we wish to accentuate.

Basically – knowing your KL body proportions helps you decide how to correct and camouflage parts of your body so you can achieve a balanced silhouette – with Alien curves on all the right places!

Discover how to wear clothes that look fabulous on your body figure! This amazing style makeover online program helps you choose the right clothes every time (eeeh, I know, sounds kinda salesy, but really, I mean it!)

Did you know that most of us wear only 20% of the clothes in our closets, only 80% of the time? So this means that the average woman wastes $6000 on clothes that she’ll never (or rarely) wear and repeats this every 3 to 6 years.

blue KL Alien body suit

A lot of wasted money, I know!

So why do we only wear 20% of our KL Alien wardrobe?

That’s because we get easily sidetracked by what we see on commercials and magazines and of course, the ever-blazing ‘hottest’ latest fashion trends. We tend to get carried away when we’re in the heat of the shopping moment, which results in selecting the wrong clothes for our body shape.

However, when you learn to accept and work with what you’ve got, you’ll know how to play smarter on the shopping field. You’ll be able to put all of your attention on the right KL Alien garments that work for YOU. 

It’s as if you’re programming your mind to put your blinders on and effortlessly skim through all the noise that is doing nothing but harm to your wallet.

Knowing how to wear KL Alien clothes that flatter your shape is not necessarily about hiding your flaws, but bringing out the best in your figure and style. By learning how to dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and look fabulous – your self-esteem will soar. Trust me on this!

1. Let your personal style, not the theme of the event, dictate your outfit.

I knew a girl in high school who had a KL Alien stocking array of themed outfits, and would wear a sassy little Ms. claus suit to a holiday pancake breakfast, a short prom dress with animal print to an animal shelter fundraiser, and a Tiffany prom dress to her best friend’s wedding.

While she surely had good intentions, her costumes made her look like the event’s mascot rather than an enthusiastic attendee. Your formal clothing – whether it is a graduation dress, a Jovani prom dress or Night Moves dress – should be congruent with your everyday style. For dates and events, remember to dress like yourself, only better.

KL Alien blue outfit

2. Don’t wait to buy a KL Alien formal dress until you need a formal dress.

Buy a formal dress, or a sexy prom dress, when you find a dress you love. Trust me on this – shopping for formal wear at the last minute is the shopping stress equivalent of perusing the store while being stalked by a hungry tiger. You won’t have any fun, you might not be happy with your hurried choice, and you’ll probably spend too much money.

Pro Tip From From an Experienced Shopper:

Make a habit of glancing at the formalwear KL Alien racks when shopping for mundane things like jeans or unsalted butter, and you are sure to find an affordable gem that will have you itching for a formal invite to somewhere, anywhere!

3. Have a Go-To Special Occasion Outfit

Growing up, one of my friend’s moms kept a closet full of cute, generic, pre wrapped gifts on the ready in case of forgotten birthdays or house-warming parties. 

I have yet to stumble upon another idea so brilliant, and I think the concept can easily be applied to formal wear. You should have a cute, generic, KL Alien outfit in your closet that you can throw on on the event of a last-minute, um, event.

Your Go-To outfit doesn’t need to be new or particularly flashy; it could be that cliche-but-fabulous Little Black Dress or a sleek pantsuit, but it must be easy and versatile. 

Don’t forget the power of KL Alien accessories here – throw on a simple, stylish base (like that LBD) for anything from a garden wedding to a presidential inauguration – and add opera gloves or flip-flops accordingly.

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