Do Invisible Bead Extensions Ruin your Natural Hair?

Many people love the idea of invisible bead extensions, but they are afraid having them applied with result in their real hair being ruined.

You may not realize it, but quality hair extensions are made from real human hair. T

hey can be in various colors and lengths to fit what you need to create the look with your hair that you really want.

They must be washed, brushed, and then they can be styled just like you would with your real hair.

If the invisible bead extensions are top quality and they are installed properly then there isn’t going to be damage to your real hair. However, if you go with those hair extensions that aren’t well made or that aren’t installed correctly it can cause damage to your real hair.

It is important to know though that when you have IBE extensions your real hair can grow at a slower rate. If the idea is to wear the extensions until your own hair grows out, you must be patient and remember that it can take longer this way than it normally would.

Yet the tradeoff is you get longer hair that you want right now rather than having to wait.

Some people have experienced problems with balding if the hair extensions are in too tightly. This can be a serious complaint, so you want to discuss it with your hair stylist.

If the hair extensions are in properly – securely but not overly tight – then this shouldn’t be a problem. It is a good idea for the stylist to evaluate the hair condition and the amount of hair at the maintenance appointments too.

The prolonged used of invisible bead extensions can also cause the shaft on the real hair to weaken.

That is also why the stylist should be looking at such concerns. If there seems to be a problem developing, then it is important to take out the extensions and to use products that will make the hair stronger. Properly taking care of tangles and other issues with the extensions can also reduce damages to the natural hair.

It can take a couple of months after bead extensions are removed for the hair to have the same feel and look that it did before they were put in. This is something to keep in mind if you already feel like you have some serious damage and problems with your hair.

It is also important for the salon stylist to carefully look at the hair.

Sometimes over processing can leave hair very damaged.

It is always best to work on repairing the hair before IBE extensions are added. Weaves seem to cause the most damage to the hair in terms of hair extensions so it may be best to go with those that can be applied with adhesive.

Glue can sometimes be harsh, but it depends on the product.

Find out what your salon stylist uses before you agree to having them apply them with such methods. Well, that is the ugly side of invisible bead extensions. Do not worry though, do your research well and choose a hair salon or hairstylist that know what they are doing, and you will be ok.

Do Invisible Bead Extensions Ruin your Natural Hair?
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